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Gamry Expands Product Range of Battery Holders

Gamry’s new battery holders allow researchers to connect a large variety of batteries and pouch cells

Gamry Instruments, the manufacturer of high-quality electrochemical instrumentation, has announced the launch of two new battery holders, the Universal Battery Holder  and Pouch Cell Holder.  Both new products are designed to help researchers connect a larger variety of batteries to their Gamry potentiostats.


pouch cell holder

Pouch Cell Holder

The Pouch Cell Holder allows high currents up to 30A to be passed through the holder without danger of destroying the holder.  In addition, the holder allows four-point measurements.

The Universal Battery Holder allows connection to a large variety of batteries at currents up to 30A, from coin-sized to larger cylindrical shapes.

universal battery holder battery

Universal Battery Holder

The holder has a millimeter gauge for coarse adjustment of the battery contacts simply by tilting the spring-loaded moveable contact and sliding it along the rails to the length of the battery. 

Both new products are designed to connect directly to the Gamry potentiostat providing an accurate applied signal and measured response. 

This new line of battery holders is available for researchers through Gamry’s extensive network of Distributors in countries around the world.

View our introduction demonstration video on the Universal Battery Holder on our Video Library.