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Arbin Instruments Battery Test Equipment

Arbin Instruments will be exhibiting their Laboratory Battery Test Equipment Series

Where: The Battery Show - Novi, MI

When:  September 13-16, 2017

Battery Test Equipment Series from Arbin Instruments

Arbin Instruments will be at booth #2010 of The Battery Show displaying their latest Laboratory Battery Test Series hardware.  In addition, this battery test equipment will be fully integrated with an EIS System from Gamry Instruments.  This LBT is able to interface with EIS multi-plexed across all channels allowing this automated solution to help make your battery testing more efficient. 

Arbin was founded in 1991 after discovering the need for a more accurate, reliable and robust testing system for electrochemical storage devices. Today Arbin Instruments is a leading global supplier of battery test equipment for the energy storage market.

Gamry Instruments is a proud partner of Arbin Instruments collaborating to create a high-value product that supplements the multi-channel economy and cycling performance of the Arbin LBT generation systems with the EIS features of the Gamry 5000P, 5000E or 1000E system. Now, a Gamry unit can be utilized by an 8-channel Arbin LBT unit –drastically improving the duty cycle of your lab’s Gamry unit.