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Echem Newsletter - Spring 2017


eChem newsletter Sping 2017

Gamry Instruments Echem Newsletter
Laboratory Course in Electrochemistry
Explore the Laboratory Course in Electrochemistry

Intro Electrochem Course Books
Gamry Instruments Echem Newsletter

Gamry Instruments has introduced a full semester Electrochemistry Course, the first of its kind in the industry. Gamry's  Laboratory Course in Electrochemistry includes everything needed to introduce the undergraduate to present-day techniques of modern electrochemistry. The course consists of all specialized electrochemical instrumentation
and accessories necessary to run the experiments presented in the included  Introduction to Experimental Electrochemistry lab manual and to set up a complete electrochemistry laboratory for the course.
Gamry Instruments Echem Newsletter
Saturated Calomel Electrode Calculator
Introducing Gamry's latest tool to help you in your experimentation
Saturated Calomel Electrode Calculator
A popular electrode, the Saturated Calomel electrode is a highly stable reference electrode. This calculator will help you measure the Formal Potential (v) based on the effects of a change in temperature.
Gamry Instruments Echem Newsletter
Upcoming Events
Registration Deadline is Wednesday May 31st

Gamry Instruments Echem Newsletter
June 4th  9th, 2017
Penn State University Park Campus
For more information and to register, please visit the Engineering Science & Mechanics Penn State College of Engineering web site.
Gamry Instruments Echem Newsletter
Gamry Tech Tips
Gamry Instruments Echem Newsletter
Do you need to trigger a spectrometer or external device? 
Gamry potentiostats include user-controlled digital inputs and outputs that allow a potentiostat to trigger an external device such as a spectrometer or even have an external device trigger the potentiostat.  Our latest Technical Note provides details triggering a spectrometer using our Sequence Wizard and Multipurpose I/O Cable.