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Celebrating 30 Years Designing and Building Precision Electrochemical Instrumentation

Posted by gamry on July 10, 2019

Founded in 1989, Gamry Instruments is celebrating its 30th Anniversary as a Market Leader in Electrochemical Instrumentation

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Echem Newsletter Spring 2019

Posted by gamry on June 6, 2019

Gamry's Spring 2019 Newsletter featuring article on Electrochemical Capacitors and Tech Tips Integrating Cyclic Voltammetry

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EIS Short Course Fall 2019

Posted by gamry on May 30, 2019

A New Two-Day Hands-on EIS Short Course November 11-12, 2019 in Philadelphia, PA

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Electrochemically Active Biofilms Short Course

Posted by gamry on February 14, 2019

In collaboration with Gamry Instruments, the Biofilm Engineering Research Group at Washington State University has scheduled a short course “Electrochemically Active Biofilms” for July 30 – Aug. 2, 2019

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Gamry will be Attending the 2019 PlugVolt Battery Seminar

Posted by gamry on February 14, 2019

Gamry Instruments will be attending PlugVolt’s annual Battery Seminar from July 16th thru July 18th, 2019. This seminar is the Battery Indusry’s most anticipated event and the theme this year is “Conference fostering joint development efforts to advance energy storage solutions”.

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Echem Newsletter - Winter 2019

Posted by gamry on February 12, 2019

Gamry Winter 2019 eChem Newsletter features the new EIS Box, QCM-I Quartz Crystal Microbalance and Tech Tips.

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The Penn State University Corrosion Short Course 2019

Posted by gamry on January 24, 2019

The course is Sold Out and no longer able to take registrations.

Another course will be held June 2020

The course, now in its 23rdyear, will cover the fundamentals of corrosion and various electrochemical techniques. Lectures and laboratories will be used to illustrate how electrochemical techniques are applied, when they should be used, and how the various techniques can be integrated to solve complex problems.

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Eight Channel Instrument for Impedance Measurements on Batteries

Posted by gamry on December 18, 2018

The launch of a new eight channel instrument designed for impedance measurements on batteries or other devices such as supercapacitors or fuel cells. The EIS Box is isolated from ground and capable of EIS from 100 kHz down to 10 µHz.

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Gamry Expands Product Range of Battery Holders

Posted by gamry on December 11, 2018

Gamry’s new battery holders allow researchers to connect a large variety of batteries and pouch cells

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Echem Newsletter - Fall 2018

Posted by gamry on December 6, 2018

Surface Water Structure and Hygroscopic Properties of Light Absorbing Secondary Organic Polymers Application Note, Events for early 2019, New Products

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