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eQCM 10 - Quartz Crystal Microbalance

eQCM 10M
Quartz Crystal Microbalace

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Energy Research

Corrosion Studies

Physical Electrochemistry

A rapid impedance-scanning electrochemical quartz crystal microbalance, Gamry’s eQCM 10M is a valuable analytical tool in the toolbox of anyone investigating interfacial processes. Interfacial processes that produce mass changes include corrosion, ion intercalation, ion adsorption, polymer growth and sensor binding events. These mass changes can be measured by monitoring the resonant frequencies of an oscillating quartz crystal.

A versatile instrument, the eQCM 10M accommodates any crystal from 1-10 MHz in any cell or holder. Its resolution allows detection in mass changes on the ng/cm2 scale, which is less than a monolayer of material.


  • Any crystal from 1-10 MHz in any cell
  • Detect ng/cm2
  • USB Interface
  • Integrated QCM and Gamry Potentiostat acquisition
  • Impedance scanning gives both ƒs and ƒp, the series and parallel resonant frequencies
  • Data Analysis in Gamry’s flexible and customizable Echem Analyst™


For additional product details and full specifications, visit our electrochemical quartz crystal microbalance – eQCM 10M page.