TDC4 Temperature Controller

The new TDC4 Temperature Controller (Part #992-00136) interfaces with your Gamry Potentiostat to control both heating and cooling processes required for Critical Pitting Temperature experiments.

Product Details

The TDC4 Temperature Controller can control heating and cooling during your experiments. It is designed to work best with the CPT110 Critical Pitting Temperature software that runs the ASTM G150 Standard. Temperature limits, step sizes, delay periods, etc. are all under user control.

The TDC4 is based on an Omega Temperature Controller which offers an impressive array of features. The TDC4 itself is controlled by your computer and the CPT110 Critical Pitting Temperature Software via a standard 9 or 25-pin RS-232 serial port. Heating and cooling sources connected to your cell are turned on and off by the TDC4 to maintain the desired temperature. The TDC4 is a closed loop system, it measures the temperature of the cell using a platinum RTD, and uses feedback to control the heater and/or cooler. The TDC4 can be used in an on/off mode or a PID (Proportional, Integral, Derivative) mode. The on/off mode uses hysteresis parameters to control its switching, while the PID mode uses tuning parameters.


Accuracy +/-0.5°C, 0.03% reading process
Resolution 1°/0.1°, 10µV process
Temperature Stability  w/ RTD = 0.04°C/°C, w/ TC = 0.05°C/°C
Reading Rate 3 samples per second
Input Types  Thermocouple, RTD, Analog Voltage,
Analog Current
Thermocouple Types  J, K, T, E, R, S, B, C, N, L
Interface RS-232 connection

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TDC4 Temperature Controller Part #992-00136