Interface 1000T

The Interface 1000T has been upgraded to the Interface 1010T with some enhanced features.
Read more on the Interface 1010T and review the specifications.

System Highlights

The Interface 1000T is an entry-level potentiostat designed for undergraduate and graduate teaching labs.  It provides all of the capabilities needed for getting students introduced to physical and analytical electrochemistry.  It even provides for potentisotatic EIS up 20 kHz.  

  • Physical Electrochemistry  - Techniques such as cyclic voltammetry, chronoamperometry, and chronopotentiometry.   
  • Pulse Voltammetry - Techniques such as differential pulse voltammetry, normal pulse voltammetry, Osteryoung square wave voltammetry, and associated stripping techniques.
  • Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy - Potentiostatic EIS up to 20 kHz.  

See the Specifications tab for the instrument specifications.  The Interface 1000T can be upgraded to a fully-featured Interface 1000E with an infield upgrade.  This allows you to get a low-cost potentiostat for teaching purposes that can later be upgraded to a fully-capable research-grade potentiostat able to perform experiments for a wide variety of applications.  



Potentiostat Yes
Galvanostat Yes
Zero Resistance Ammeter Yes
Floating (Isolated from Earth Ground)  Yes
Cell Connections 2, 3, or 4
Maximum Current ± 100 mA
Current Ranges 6 (1 uA - 100 mA)
Current Ranges
(including internal gain)
8 (10 nA - 100 mA)
Minimum Current Resolution 0.3 pA
Maximum Applied Potential ± 5 V
Rise Time <1 μs
Minimum Time Base 1 ms
Noise and Ripple <20 μV rms
Weight 2.4 kg
Dimensions 24 (W) x 6 (H) x 27 (D) 27 cm


Compliance Voltage ±20 V
Output Current >±1 A
Speed Settings 5
Unity Gain Bandwidth 980, 260, 40, 4, 0.4 kHz


EIS 10 uHz - 20 kHz
EIS Accuracy 99%
AC Amplitude 2.33 V maximum
17.8 μV minimum


Input Impedance >1012 Ω
Input Current (typical) <20 pA
Bandwidth >10 MHz
CMRR >80 dB (10 kHz)
>60 dB (1 MHz)


Applied Accuracy    ±1 mV ±0.2% of setting
Applied Resolution 200 μV, 50 μV, 12.5 μV/bit
Measured Accuracy ±1 mV ±0.3% of reading
Measured Resolution 1 μV, 10 μV, 100 μV, 400 μV/bit


Applied Accuracy    ±5 pA ±0.3% of range
Applied Resolution 0.0033% full-scale/bit


Measured Accuracy ±5 pA ±0.3% of range
Measured Resolution 0.0033% full-scale/bit
Bandwidth >10 MHz (1A - 100 μA)
>1.5 MHz (10 μA)
>0.15 MHz (1 μA)


Laboratory Course in Electrochemistry

Materials Included 

Below is a table of all materials Gamry Instruments supplies in the Laboratory Course in Electrochemistry to perform all eleven experiments for ten pairs of students.

Part number



820-00005 Sample of mild steel 30
930-00015 Ag|AgCl reference electrode 1
932-00003 Platinum working electrode 1
932-00009 Platinum microlectrode 1
935-00065 Micro stirring bar 1
935-00120 Carbon screen-printed electrode 36
935-00122 Platinum screen-printed electrode 60
972-00065 Cuvette cap 1
987-00099 DigiElch student edition 1
988-00049 Student edition book 20
988-00050 Teacher edition book 1
990-00193 Dr. Bob’s Cell kit 1
990-00195 Polishing kit 1
990-00196 EuroCell kit 1
990-00419 AC Dummy Cell 1
990-00420 Screen-printed electrode cell stand for 4 mm banana plugs 1
990-00421 Screen-printed electrode adapter for 4 mm cable 1


Reliable and user friendly potentiostat

Rating: 3.7 3.70 Out of 5 Stars

Organization: RIKEN

Application Area: x-ray spectroscopy combined with electrochemistry

"This potentiostat has high reliability and reproducibility. It is possible to use NI's LabView to control the instrument by option. Control program seems also developed using LabView. The program is user friendly, auto range function is useful to quickly view the statues of the cell. Standard package contains dummy cell and noise shield box to calibrate the instrument. Connection cable in the package is also reliable, however it is quite hard to bend and slightly shorter."

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