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SINOCORR - NACE China International Conference & Expo 2014 - May 19-22nd - Beijing

SINOCORR - NACE China - 2014 Conference/Expo Beijing

SINO•CORR NACE China Annual Conference & Expo will be organized together by NACE International,NACE Beijing China Section, NACE Shanghai China Section, co-organized by Chinese Petroleum Society, Chinese Society for Corrosion and Protection, China Gas Association, MTI and Corrosion and Protection Center of USTB. SINO•CORR, as one of the three major NACE events in the East Asia and Pacific Rim Area-CORCON India and NACE EAP Conference, will become a wide platform to provide more opportunity to communicate and share with academic and technical achievements on corrosion control in the world.

Gamry will be an exhibitor at this event so stop by to see John Zhang.