Electrochemistry Day Toulousaine

Posted by gamry on June 7, 2016

Journee Toulousaine d'Electrochimie

Journée Toulousaine d'Electrochimie - Edition 2016

In collaboration with the LCC, CIRIMAT and support of the ISE and the IRT, the LGC in Toulouse, Journée Toulousaine d'Electrochimie an event dedicated to:

 "Electrochemistry and its applications", a look at the discipline in the Toulouse region.  The event is scheduled for July 12, 2016, at the University Paul Sabatier.

The main objective of this day is to bring together, within the campus of the University Paul Sabatier, researchers from the Regional University and industrial fabric, including a work tool is the voltage generator; it is indeed to make a photograph in connection with research activities and electrochemistry, and stimulate the birth of exchange and relevant and multidisciplinary collaborations.

All the electrochemistry applications are represented: analysis, energy, environment, materials, corrosion and surface treatment, reaction mechanisms, electrosynthesis, space applications, micro / nano-science, electrochemistry the extreme environments, and biology.


elementar logo

Gamry's distributor for France, Elementar, will be attending and be exhibiting at the event.  Charles Ojeimi, General Manager for Elementar, will be there showcasing Gamry Instruments.

 For more information and to register for this event, visit the Journée Toulousaine d'Electrochimie website.