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Modular Lab Course in Electrochemistry

We’ve listened and have added to our Laboratory Course in Electrochemistry. This new version of our course in electrochemistry has been designed to be modular based on your institution’s needs.  If you do not want to run a full semester course you can select as few as one experiment kit from the eleven being offered. 

"Gamry offers EIS capabilities, research grade equipment and superior software to our courses."

The complete course is still available and contains eleven independent experiment kits with everything you need to begin the course.  But now you can select as few as one experiment modular electrochemistry coursekit at a time.
The Experiment Kits being offered are:

Our website dedicated to the Lab Course,, has been updated to include information on the available experiment kits with details of what’s included.  You can download a sample of CV or EIS experiments featured in the included Lab Manual.  On the site you can view a complete list of what Gamry Instruments supplies with the course, a Course Overview, and a video to learn more about the course. Each of the listed Experiment Kits has a dedicated page with a summary of the experiment and a list of what's included

For more information on the new modular Laboratory Course in Electrochemistry, please visit, phone Gamry sales at 215.682.9330, email or complete the Info Request Form.