Interface 1010E

The Interface 1010ETM is an updated version of our extremely popular Interface 1000E. We've extended EIS to 2 MHz and added temperature monitoring. It is a full-featured potentiostat capable of performing all techniques, including electrochemical impedance spectroscopy.

Key features include:

  • Max Applied Current - ±1 A  
  • Maximum Applied Potential - ±12 V
  • EIS 10 μHz - 2 MHz

For applications including:

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System Highlights

Interface 1010E Potentiostat

If you're looking for a full-featured potentiostat capable of performing all techniques, including electrochemical impedance spectroscopy, for applications such as physical electrochemistry, electrochemical corrosion, battery testing, fuel cell testing, dye solar cell testing, and sensor development, then the Interface 1010E is the right potentiostat for you.

Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy

Gamry provides Accuracy Contour Plots for every one of our potentisotats that is EIS-capable.  The accuracy contour plot provides a detailed look at the performance you can expect from your potentiostat in real-world situations. The results include the cell cable.  Accuracy contour plots are important because they let you compare the performance of potentiostats from different manufacturers to ensure you are getting the best possible measurement. 

Interface 1010 Accuracy Contour Plot

Flexible Configurations

The Interface 1010E potentiostat can be configured as a single-channel potentiostat, bipotentiostat, or multichannel-potentiostat.  Gamry provides you with the flexibility you need to get more done. 

Need less capabilities?  See the Interface 1010B

More Details

Below are additional details regarding the capabilities of the Interface 1010E potentiostat. Each bullet point contains a list of the type of techniques available for the potentiostat to run.

  • Physical Electrochemistry  - Techniques such as cyclic voltammetry, chronoamperometry, and chronopotentiometry and derivatives of these techniques.  
  • Pulse VoltammetryTechniques such as pulse voltammetry, square wave voltammetry, and associated stripping techniques such as anodic stripping voltammetry.  
  • DC CorrosionRun standard DC corrosion tests such as polarization resistance, potentiodynamic, cyclic polarization, and galvanic corrosion in addition to a number of others.
  • Electrochemical EnergyTest single-cells and stacks of various batteries, fuel cells or supercapacitors. Includes charge, discharge, cyclic charge-discharge techniques, potentiostatic, galvanostatic, self-discharge, leakage rate, and read cell voltage.
  • Electrochemical Signal Analyzer -  Designed specifically for the acquisition and analysis of time-dependent electrochemical noise signals. Cell voltage and current are continuously monitored at rates from 0.1 Hz to 1 kHz. A full featured set of analysis tools provides powerful analysis features such as statistical analysis, detrending, impedance spectra, and histogram analysis.
  • Electrochemical Frequency ModulationA non-destructive corrosion rate measurement technique. It allows for measurement of the corrosion rate without prior knowledge of the Tafel constants. In addition, the technique determines the Tafel constants and provides 2 internal validity checks.
  • Critical Pitting Temperaturecontrols a Gamry Potentiostat, TDC4 Temperature Controller, and associated accessories to automatically measure the Critical Pitting Temperature of a material.
  • Electrochemical NoiseA more general form of electrochemical noise testing. It is also an ECM8 Multiplexer compatible electrochemical noise software package. 
  • Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy - includes experimental scripts for potentiostatic, galvanostatic and hybrid impedance spectroscopy experiments in addition to single frequency techniques like Mott-Schottky. We also have our unique power-leveling multisine technique that improves signal-to-noise across the spectrum. On the analysis side, it provides tools for fitting spectra to equivalent circuit models, Kramers-Kronig transform for data validation and a graphical model editor. Our software even includes a script for EIS simulation.
  • eChemDC Toolkitcontains all of the capabilities of the eChemBasic and further extends these capabilities by adding advanced signals and data acquisition modes to simplify implementing experiments like cyclic voltammetry, pulse voltammetry, and dynamic DC corrosion techniques. Also includes more advanced stop tests, particularly useful in fast experiments.
  • eChemAC - Includes full capabilities of eChemDC Toolkit plus allows electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) and EFM experiments.

Other details

  • 2, 3, and 4 electrode measurements
  • Electrical Isolation
    • Floating instrument: use with autoclaves, mechanical stress apparatus, or pipeline probes.
  • Portable
    • Size of a chemistry textbook, weighing only 3 kgs (6.6 lbs). Easy USB 2.0 connection to a Windows computer.
  • Built-In EIS
    • On-board DDS to perform EIS from 10 µHz to 2 MHz. 
  • DSP (Digital Signal Processing) Mode
    • Oversamples for improved signal-to-noise and accurate capacitance measurements.
  • Current Interrupt iR Compensation
    • Gamry potentiostats and their controlling software use control loop algorithms to accurately measure and correct for uncompensated resistance.
  • Auxiliary I/O
    • Control additional equipment via additional I/O interfaces: external signal input, analog voltage output, analog current output, and digital I/O connector.
  • Warranty
    • Protected by 2-year factory service warranty.




Potentiostat Yes
Galvanostat Yes
Zero Resistance Ammeter Yes
Floating (Isolated from Earth Ground)  Yes
Cell Connections 2, 3, or 4
Maximum Current ±1 A
Current Ranges 9 (10 nA - 1 A)
Current Ranges
(including internal gain)
Minimum Current Resolution 3.3 fA
Maximum Applied Potential ±12 V
Rise Time <1 μs
Minimum Time Base 10 μs
Noise and Ripple <20 μV rms
Weight 2.4 kg
Dimensions 24 (W) x 6 (H) x 27 (D)


Compliance Voltage ±20 V (@ 1A)
Output Current >±1 A
Speed Settings 5
Unity Gain Bandwidth 980, 260, 40, 4, 0.4 kHz


EIS 10 μHz - 2 MHz
EIS Accuracy See Accuracy
Contour Plot
AC Amplitude 2.33 V maximum
17.8 μV minimum


Input Impedance >1012 Ω
Input Current (typical) <20 pA
Bandwidth >10 MHz
CMRR >80 dB (10 kHz)
>60 dB (1 MHz)


Applied Accuracy    ±1 mV ±0.2% of setting
Applied Resolution 200 μV, 50 μV, 12.5 μV/bit
Measured Accuracy ±1 mV ±0.3% of reading
Measured Resolution 1 μV, 10 μV, 100 μV, 400 μV/bit


Applied Accuracy    ±5 pA ±0.3% of range
Applied Resolution 0.0033% full-scale/bit


Measured Accuracy ±5 pA ±0.3% of range
Measured Resolution 0.0033% full-scale/bit
Bandwidth >10 MHz (1A - 100 μA)
>1.5 MHz (10 μA)
>0.15 MHz (1 μA)



Really really great goods!

Rating: 5.0 5.00 Out of 5 Stars

Organization: Korea maritime and ocean university in Korea

Application Area: Corrosion and chemistry

"It is easy to use. but cable is also easy to break. And tongs are easy to be corroded. So, we had to change or buy tongs. Except for these problems, I am satisfied with this instrument Thank you."

High quality, reliable, easy to use, quick after-sales service, affordable

Rating: 5.0 5.00 Out of 5 Stars

Organization: Harbin Institute of Technology

Application Area: Electrochemistry and surface/interface study

"The instrument we own is of high quality in terms of electrochemistry study. The instrument produces reproducible and reliable results. The use of Interface 1010 is easy and hassle free. The after-sales service is quick and effective. Highly recommended for those looking at an affordable high quality electrochemistry instrument."

The purchase of this potentiostat was the best choice.

Rating: 5.0 5.00 Out of 5 Stars

Organization: Gdansk University of Technology

Application Area: Fuel cells

"Multifunctional device, allowing to carry out many measurements in the right sequence, easy to use, with a friendly interface."

We couldn't be happier with the purchase!

Rating: 5.0 5.00 Out of 5 Stars

Organization: Leibniz Institute for Neurobiology

Application Area: Electrochemical microelectrode coating and analysis

"We're really pleased with the 1010E. The wide current range covers all our needs and the available sense lines allow all kinds of complex configurations. The software works nicely and is really clean and structured, but the Echem Analyst could be improved by adding a few more features (we were told that a new version is in the making, though). What we also really like is the excellent galvanic isolation of the unit, removing any ground loop issue in our setup. Service by the distributor C3-Analysentechnik in Germany and Gamry in the background has been stellar. One of the few companies that actually help you with complex experiments and implement new features also after the sale."

Very versatile, robust, and straightforward device; excellent customer service.

Rating: 4.7 4.70 Out of 5 Stars

Organization: Jacobs Technology

Application Area: Physical electrochemistry for investigating silver electrodes

"I am not an electrochemist, and yet I have been able to run a number of basic experiments with relative ease. The Gamry software is pretty straightforward and the online software documentation is fairly thorough. Though I have come across several parameters I didn't understand, a phone call with the customer support cleared it up. I was able to quickly reach an experienced electrochemist who could point me in the right direction."

This is a great and robust product!

Rating: 5.0 5.00 Out of 5 Stars

Organization: PNNL

Application Area: Non-aqueous electroplating

"This is a very easy to use product. It met all of our needs and the built-in programming ability (with preset blocks) allows for easy training of students and new staff."

This is our most important tool in RC-corrosion research.

Rating: 4.0 4.00 Out of 5 Stars

Organization: Institue of Building Materials Research - RWTH Aachen University

Application Area: Research regarding corrosion of reinforced concrete

"The instrument is suitable for a wide range of reinforced concrete applications. This is not obvious as concrete is a high ohmic electrolyte causing lots of problems on other instruments."

It is a good product if you want cheap apparatus.

Rating: 3.7 3.70 Out of 5 Stars

Organization: University of Naples Federico II

Application Area: Electrochemical characterization

"The equipment is ok for the price but the software could be improved to allow a better interpretation of experimental data."

Great equipment

Rating: 5.0 5.00 Out of 5 Stars

Organization: optoplast Manufacturing Co Ltd

Application Area: Nickel release

"The equipment is easy to use and produces good quality results"

A nice instrument for electrolysis and electrocatalysis study.

Rating: 3.7 3.70 Out of 5 Stars

Organization: University of Cincinnati Main Campus

Application Area: Electrocatalysis

"The Gamry potentiostat is easy to use. The data recorded is reproducible. The software is friendly. It has a high quality/cost ratio. I will buy more in the future."

Good and reliable machine for Nickel test

Rating: 4.7 4.70 Out of 5 Stars

Organization: optoplast Manufacturing Co Ltd

Application Area: EIS for coating test Nickel release test

"The product is user friendly and gives good quality results."

I get good results with this machine

Rating: 4.0 4.00 Out of 5 Stars

Organization: University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Application Area: Oxidative reduction reaction measurements

"I love the Gamry instrument because it is easy to use but I cannot figure out how to connect it with the pine research instrument as in my lab"

Great product

Rating: 5.0 5.00 Out of 5 Stars

Organization: Kansas State University

Application Area: Electrochemistry materials

"Easy to use, tutorials very helpful, and high quality data"

Great results, excellent service

Rating: 5.0 5.00 Out of 5 Stars

Organization: western michigan university

Application Area: Lithium batteries

"Compared with its price, this equipment has very high value with necessary functions. It is easy to install and use it. however, I hope that EIS data should also included in the data bank."

Awesome, can't work without this instrument.

Rating: 5.0 5.00 Out of 5 Stars

Organization: Yue

Application Area: PEM fuel cell

"The automation of this product is very high, it is easy to use, simple to operate, and accurate measurement. The product has stable performance, good reproducible, convenient installation and easy to carry."

In general, good results and functionality.

Rating: 4.3 4.30 Out of 5 Stars

Organization: Martinez

Application Area: Corrosion testing of materials for bachelor degree and postgraduate students.

"The service of the interface is good for us, we obtained good results in time, and we can working with different kind of samples, like materials and size."

This instrument has dramatically improved how we do R&D in corrosion testing

Rating: 5.0 5.00 Out of 5 Stars

Organization: Reynolds

Application Area: Corrosion inhibition testing

"The Gamry Interface 1000E Potentiostat has changed the way we do R&D in the area of corrosion testing. Decreased timescales, increased productivity, more intuitive studies and a wider portfolio of services to our customers. The instrument and software are easy to use and the training and advice/support from the distributor high quality."

Easy to use instrument that more than meets my needs

Rating: 4.0 4.00 Out of 5 Stars

Organization: Laney

Application Area: EIS testing of organic coatings

"While it is not the ideal choice in the Gamry lineup for the application, it seems to be performing well. I have very limited experience in this type of testing and the Interface and software make it fairly easy to perform. I have not needed much support yet"

Great instruments! My research relies on Gamry potentiostat!

Rating: 5.0 5.00 Out of 5 Stars

Organization: Feng

Application Area: Electrocatalysis

"I am a faculty member in a public research university. The Gamry potentiostat I purchased is fantastic! It is easy to start and operate, and the results we obtained using Gamry potentiostat is of better quality than other potentiostats. We also called Gamry technical support for some help. The communication is very effective and helpful, providing us information about some new functions and capabilities of the instrument. Overall, I really like the Gamry instrument I purchased and it is one of the greatest tools for my scientific research."

Great product with great results. Thanks to Gamry.

Rating: 5.0 5.00 Out of 5 Stars

Organization: Patil

Application Area: Analyze ionic conductivity of glasses and ceramics

"It is really nice instrument with easy use. Results are reproducible as long as environment and conditions of the sample keep constant."

Very rugged instrument have not had any problems since it was installed.

Rating: 4.7 4.70 Out of 5 Stars

Organization: Brendekce

Application Area: Coating analysis

"Does a great job of doing the analysis that we need done in the lab."

Great to use this instrument

Rating: 5.0 5.00 Out of 5 Stars

Organization: Ingole

Application Area: Electrochemical sensing and kinetic study applications

"It is very compact thus require little space and has user friendly interface."

Very reliable and accurate results for my application

Rating: 4.3 4.30 Out of 5 Stars

Organization: Sahney

Application Area: Analysis of analyte (substrate) and sensor interaction for the development of biosensors

"The system has great features for EIS measurement, user friendly operation and precise measurement which is adding positive impact on my research and its quality. "

I am glad of having this equipment to perform Electrochemistry and Corrosion studies

Rating: 5.0 5.00 Out of 5 Stars

Organization: Maya

Application Area: Electrochemistry and Corrosion Studies

"This equipment is reliable to study the electrochemical properties of metallic materials, the software is friendly and you will not have troubles to compare the data due to and interface included with the purchase. "

Very happy with this instrument!

Rating: 5.0 5.00 Out of 5 Stars

Organization: Riha

Application Area: Analysis of materials for solar fuels

"The potentiostat is easy to use and the software is very user-friendly. The choice of experimental methods is ideal for the types of measurements my research requires."

Great equipment for corrosion

Rating: 5.0 5.00 Out of 5 Stars

Organization: Raza

Application Area: corrosion, electochemistry

"Excellent results, easy to use, reproducible results "

too early to judge, but seems to be good

Rating: 4.7 4.70 Out of 5 Stars

Organization: Salamatinia

Application Area: solid oxide fuel cells and corrosion

"The sales people are the highlight of this product. Very knowledgeable and helpful staff "

the best part is that the instrument is really portable, much better than the old reference 600 I had used before.

Rating: 5.0 5.00 Out of 5 Stars

Organization: Fan

Application Area: OCP, LPR, EIS,PDP

"I can easily install the software and calibrate the instrument according to the menu. Dan and Chris are so helpful and patient to answer all my questions. This instrument definitely highlights the value for money since it has all the functions for less than $10k. "

Lightweight and supply great results!

Rating: 4.7 4.70 Out of 5 Stars

Organization: Kaplan

Application Area: Fundamental electrochemical and spectro-electrochemical characterization for energy applications

"The potentiostat and software are easy to use, it is lightweight and therefore portable in the lab. The results are reproducible and the data is easy to handle and analyze with the analyst software feature."

Very good results.

Rating: 5.0 5.00 Out of 5 Stars

Organization: optoplast Manufacturing Co Ltd

Application Area: Coating test for nickel release

"Its quite good equipment for EIS test, the equipment is easy to use."

Worth the money.

Rating: 5.0 5.00 Out of 5 Stars

Organization: Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Research Center for Natural Sciences, Institute of Materials and Environmental Chemistry

Application Area: In connection with EQCM, electrochemistry, EC sensors

"Very compact, mobile, easy to use, stable, instrument"

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