Video Library

We have prepared this series of videos to assist you in getting accurate results and the best possible performance from your Gamry Electrochemical Measuring Instrument.  

Visit our Application Notes and our Technical Support Resources for additional assistance.  

This series is also available on the Gamry Instruments' YouTube Channel.

  • Universal Battery Holder

    The Universal Battery Holder™ allows connection of a large variety of batteries, from coin-sized to larger cylindrical shapes (up to 26650), to Gamry Instruments’ potentiostats.

  • QCM-I Mini

    QCM-D, a Quartz Crystal Microbalance with Dissipation, the QCM-I Mini with Impedance is a high-sensitivity mass sensor which measures the change in frequency and dissipation of a quartz crystal resonator and any adsorbed film.

  • eQCM-I Mini

    Quartz Crystal Microbalance (QCM) the new eQCM-i Mini electrochemical QCM with dissipation monitoring - QCM-D. Thie eQCM-i QCM  allows you to make three electrode measurements in a flow cell.

  • EIS Box

    Intro to the EIS (Ice) Box an 8 ch device measures impedance on batteries, fuel cells, super caps

  • MultiPort Corrosion Cell Kit

    A Gamry Instruments Demonstration Video: Assembling the MultiPort Corrosion Cell Kit

  • Bipotentiostat with 2 Gamry Interface Potentiostats

    Gamry Demonstration Video Using two Interface Potentiostats to create a BiPotentiostat

  • Bipotentiostat with 2 Gamry Reference 600+ Potentiostats

    Create a BiPotentiostat with 2 Gamry Reference 600+ Potentiostats

  • Calibrate Your Potentiostat

    This demonstration video shows you how to calibrate your Gamry Potentiostat

  • Interface 5000 Potentiostat

    The Interface 5000 designed for cell-level testing monitors half cell & whole cell V in an experiment

  • Screen Printed Electrodes

    An introduction to Gamry's Screen Printed Electrodes and Screen Printed Electrode Stands

  • Break Apart Screen Printed Electrodes

    Gamry's SPEs come in groups of 4 and need to be snapped apart to be used individually.

  • Reference 3000 & 30k Booster

    Hooking up a Reference 3000 with a 30k Booster for High-current Pulses for Battery Research

  • Auxiliary Electrometer in the Gamry Reference 3000 AE

    Using the Auxiliary Electrometer with 8 add'l voltage measurement channels each measures any 5-v range in compliance range

  • Calibrate the Gamry Reference 3000AE

    Calibrating the Gamry Reference 3000 Auxiliary Electrometer's 8 additional voltage measurement channels.

  • How to Assemble the Gamry QCM Cell

    Assembling the Gamry Quartz Crystal Microbalance Cell for Static Cell and Flow Cell.

  • Unboxing the Gamry 600+ Potentiostat

    All Gamry potentiostats are boxed similarly - this video explains the pieces shipped with the instrument

  • Analyzing a Cyclic Voltammogram

    This video shows how to Analyze a Cyclic voltammogram using Gamry’s Echem Analyst. Finding Peaks and Integrating.

  • Using the Autofit Routine for EIS

    A short video describing how to use the Autofit routine for fitting EIS data, available in Version 6 (or greater) of our Echem Analyst software.

  • Export EIS Data from Echem Analyst

    This video walks you through the easy process of exporting XY data as text or to export the chart. Though the video discusses EIS data, the steps outlined here also apply to exporting data acquired using other techniques.

  • Find fs/fp in Resonator

    This video is meant to show QCM users how to find the resonant frequencies of a quartz crystal using Gamry Resonator Software.

  • Find fs/fp for a Loaded Crystal

    This video is meant to show users how to find the resonant frequencies of a polybithiophene-loaded crystal using Gamry Resonator Software.

  • EIS of Lithium ion Battery

    Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy of Lithium ion Battery Demonstration of Gamry's Autofit routine fitting 17 free parameters. 

  • Gamry's eQCM 10M Air Mode Operation

    This video shows how to utilize the QCM to operate in air.

  • How to Open a File in GAMRY Echem Analyst

    This video shows how to get all the extension files stored in the Gamry dala File (Default file to store all the experiment data)

  • Gamry's Sequence Wizard Part 1

    A short video to get you started using the Sequence Wizard.

  • Gamry's Sequence Wizard Part 2

    A short video to get you started using the Sequence Wizard.

  • Gamry's Sequence Wizard Part 3

    A short video to get you started using the Sequence Wizard.

  • Gamry's Sequence Wizard Part 4

    A short video to get you started using the Sequence Wizard.

  • The Gamry Difference

    What makes the Interface™ 1010 series potentiostat a Gamry.

  • Complete Lab Course in Electrochemistry

    A complete Laboratory Course in Electrochemistry.

  • Basics of EIS Presentation

    Presentation of an introduction to Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS) theory and has been kept as free from mathematics and electrical theory as possible.

  • Care of Potentiostats

    This presentation answers questions like - "What is a Potentiostat?", "What is Potential?", "What is Current?"

  • EIS System Check

    How to Run an EIS Quick Check: Accuracy and System Limits - Checking your potentiostat and understanding the systems' limits. EIS Accuracy Contour Plot vs. Quick Check - Cable Setup Matters

  • Why Gamry Instruments

    Learn more about Gamry and how we measure up to the competition.

  • The Gamry Mobile App

    A convenient way to find Technical Support Articles, Application Notes, Electronic versions of our Instrument's User Manuals, News and events.

  • Basics of EIS Webinar
    Basics of EIS Webinar