Battery Research

battery research

Using Gamry Electrochemical Instrumentation in Battery Development 

The preferred instruments for larger batteries include the Reference 3000 and Reference 3000 Auxiliary Electrometer. Both of these potentiostats work with Gamry’s 30k Booster. The AE allows measurements on individual cells in a battery stack, which is good for cycling and is very powerful for EIS, where it effectively turns the single Reference 3000 into a high performance 8-channel EIS system.

If you are a researcher needing more than 8-channels, Gamry's

Our Recommended Setups

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Recommended Products for your research

lithium battery materials cell kit
Shown #990-00343 Full Cell Kit


Lithium Battery Cell

The electrochemical cell kit has been designed for electrochemical testing of lithium battery materials. (Read our application note Testing Lithium Ion Batteries)

Available at the Gamry Online Store

battery holder 990 00316 cylindrical
Shown #992-00112 Cylindrical for 18650 Batteries
Battery Holders
Cylindrical or Coin Cell

Four-terminal Kelvin-type measurements ensures better EIS results.  Test in series or individually. (Read our application note on the importance of four-terminal measurements)

Battery holders available online

We have electrochemistry specialists available over email or on the phone (215-682-9330) that understand battery testing and can get you pointed in the right direction.