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bruker gamry webinar

Spectroelectrochemistry: More than just the sum of its parts

February 9, 2021 Registration is Now Open

Presented by Dr. Sergey Shilov, Bruker Optics and Dr. David Loveday,  Gamry Instruments

Electrochemistry is a powerful tool for probing and controlling the chemical state of molecules.  However, Electrochemistry on its own does not provide information about the chemistry behind the processes under study. The combination of electrochemistry with Fourier Transform infrared spectroscopy bridges this analytical gap. Each molecule has a unique infrared signature providing great specificity in the studies of the molecular change during electrochemical reactions in an addition to the electrochemical response of the studied media.

Spectroelectrochemistry can be applied for investigations of electrolytes or reactions at electrode surfaces. IR reflection-absorbance spectroscopy (IRRAS) set-up is used for the studies of the electrolyte and the electrode surface while ATR configuration is used to analyze the electrode surface without the strong influence of the electrolyte. New accessories for both configurations will be presented.  An overview of the experimental electrochemical tools will be presented.  In addition, optimization of the spectroelectrochemical setup and details of communication between the potentiostat and the FTIR spectrometer will be discussed. Example of applications will include electro oxidation of metal-organic complexes, alcohols, and glycerol.


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Posted by gamry on September 18, 2020

Thank you for all of the ideas on webinars you would like to see!

Due to the overwhelming response of suggestions we are currently postponing submissions.  Keep checking on scheduled Live Presentations and register for these events.

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