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Physico-chemical parameter measurement and model response evaluation for a pseudo-two-dimensional model of a commercial lithium-ion battery

By Oca, L.; Miguel, E.; Agirrezabala, E.; Herran, A.; Gucciardi, E.; Otaegui, L.; Bekaert, E.; Villaverde, A.; Iraola, U.
Published in Electrochimica Acta 2021


To effectively evaluate battery performance by means of electrochemical modelling, a consistent set of parameters is essential. The aim of this work is to provide a complete physico-chemical methodology to measure all the necessary parameters for a pseudo-two-dimensional (P2D) electrochemical model. Component composition, thermodynamic, kinetic and transport properties, parameters related to the porous structures, internal battery configuration and full-cell electrode balancing are presented for a commercial lithium-ion battery. Then, the measured parameters are entered into the P2D model, and battery responses are evaluated against full-cell experimental curves (galvanostatic charge-discharge at different current rates, EIS responses and pulses) to correlate numerical-experimental results.

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