Manganese oxide doping carbon aerogels prepared with MnO2 coordinated by N, N - dimethylmethanamide for supercapacitors

By Xu, Yuelong; Wang, Shasha; Ren, Bin; Zhao, Junping; Zhang, Lihui; Dong, Xiaoxi; Liu, Zhenfa
Published in Journal of Colloid and Interface Science 2019


Carbon aerogels with excellent conductive characteristics and high specific capacitance have attracted more and more interests for next-generation energy storage applications. Three-dimensional interconnected Mn2O3/carbon aerogel supercapacitor electrodes are prepared by a novel doping method using MnO2 coordinated by N, N-dimethylmethanamide (DMF). The coordinative MnO2 (DMF/MnO2) plays a key role in the sol-gel process of resorcinol and formaldehyde. The doped carbon aerogels exhibits a high specific surface area of 859 m2 g?1 and a good pore-size distribution of 10

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