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Journal of Bio-and Tribo-Corrosion

bio tribo corrosionThe Journal of Bio- and Tribo-Corrosion publishes papers in all aspects of tribo-corrosion, ranging from biological environments to green energy technologies to bio-degradable metals and polymer composites. Rigorously reviewed research papers and reviews in the journal cover a broad range of subjects such as corrosion, tribo-corrosion of coatings and thin films, sliding-corrosion, fretting-corrosion, microabrasion-corrosion, tribo-corrosion models, bio-tribo-corrosion, surface engineering and materials, nano-corrosion, and surface modifications (nanotube and texturing) to improve tribocorrosion resistance by keeping biocompactability and cell viability.


Specific topics include:

  • Sliding wear, abrasion (including micro-abrasion), erosion, fretting, and fatigue interactions with corrosion
  • Models and mechanistic maps
  • Biological processes such as hip and knee joint wear, wear of dental materials, and wear of artificial heart vales
  • Renewable technologies, such as wave, wind (including offshore), and tidal power
  • Conventional energy, including nuclear, oil and gas, and combined cycle coal conversion
  • Lubricants and tribo-corrosion interactions with lubrication, including bio-oils
  • Case studies and rapid communications on hot topics

Editors-in-Chief: M.M. Stack; M.T. Mathew; Y. Tian

The Journal contains 18 articles / Original Papers.

ISSN: 2198-4220 (print version)
ISSN: 2198-4239 (electronic version)
Journal no. 40735