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Gamry Instruments Launches New Online Reference Electrode Conversion Calculator

Warminster, Pa -- Gamry Instruments is pleased to announce a new tool to help researchers get the most value from their data. This new calculator can be used to convert potentials recorded using one reference electrode into potentials recorded using a different reference electrode. This tool can be used to compare data from other research or to convert the potential data into a more commonly used reference electrode.

To use this tool, enter the recorded voltage in the mV recorded box and select the reference electrode used to record it. Then choose the reference electrode you would like to convert to and click to convert. This calculator includes most readily available reference electrodes and even some less common electrodes for comparison.

We hope you will take a few minutes to review this new electrochemical research tool. You can find it here on the Gamry Instrument Website.

Gamry Conversion Calculator Lauch

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