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Best of Both Worlds: Arbin Instruments Partners with Gamry

Arbin Instruments LBT Now With Gamry EIS Integration


Arbin has collaborated with the Gamry


Arbin has collaborated with EIS system manufacturer Gamry Instruments to offer a turnkey, high-value solution that offer the best of both worlds to researchers doing full or half cell characterization.  This has combined Arbin's feature-loaded, high-precision cycling capabilities of the Laboratory Battery Tester and the high-accuracy EIS and AC Impedance scanning capabilities of Gamry Potentiostats.  This combined solution improves the EIS units duty cycle by multiplexing across multiple Arbin channels, improving testing value.



The Best of Both Worlds

life cycle test

High-precision cycling capabilities an Arbin LBT

■ 24-bit resolution (best in industry)

■ Most flexible testing software in the industry

■ Log up to 2000 points per second per system

■ Multiplex across all channels, fully maximizing duty-cycle of a new or existing EIS workstation

Comprehensive EIS capabilities of a Gamry 5000P/E or 1000E Potentiostat

nyquist diagrams of coin cells at different potentials

■ EIS capability of 10µHz up to 1MHz

■ Gamry’s full suite of electrochemical techniques

■ Data analysis is conducted in Gamry’s flexible yet straightforward Echem Analyst software

■ Direct Digital Synthesis circuitry generates pure sine waves, ideal for electrochemical applications

■ Ultra low noise improves measurement precision


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