Purpose: Formats the real-time display of an IVT curve.

The x-axis source is fixed to time. x-axis units are always seconds (s). The z-axis parameters are optional. If included, a double plot is shown, otherwise a single plot is displayed.

Usage: IVT.SetPlotView( XMinVal, XLabel, YSource, YMinVal, YLabel, YUnits, ZSource, ZMinVal, ZLabel, ZUnits )



Minimum resolution for x-axis.
  XLabel STRING x-axis label.
  YSource INDEX

Column number to be plotted on y-axis.

A code identifying the column to be used. Use these predefined constants:

IVT_T = Time

IVT_Vf = Applied voltage

IVT_Vu = Uncompensated voltage

IVT_Im = Measured current

IVT_Am = Measured voltage Aux Channel

IVT_Sig = Signal sent to control amplifier

  YMinVal REAL Minimum resolution for y-axis.
  YUnits STRING y-axis units.
  ZSource INDEX Column number to be plotted on z-axis. Same as YSource (optional)
  ZMinVal REAL Minimum resolution for z-axis (optional)
  ZLabel STRING z-axis label (optional).
  ZUnits STRING z-axis units (optional).

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