Purpose: Manages data-acquisition for a variety of curves at a reduced level of control.

This general-purpose curve is used for conditioning as well as in several add-on packages. The IVT class contains controlled potential and controlled current I-V curves and a version of galvanic corrosion. There may be more than one data-acquisition object in a script, but only one may be running (i.e., acquiring values) at any time. The typical life cycle of an IVT object is:

Pstat.SetCtrlMode(PstatMode) ; Set Potentiostatic Mode

Ivt = IVT.New(Tag, Pstat) ; Create the IVT object

Ivt.SetPlotView(. . .) ; Set the plot type

Ivt.Run() ; Run the curve

Ivt.Printl() ; Print the curve out to Output

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