Normally you modify an existing Explain™ script whenever you need a new type of experiment. This tutorial demonstrates how you generate, save, and execute a new script.

You will modify the Potentiostatic EIS experiment to create a new experiment with different default parameters and a highly simplified Setup dialog box. The experimental parameters such as frequency limits and AC amplitude can no longer be changed in this modified experiment. You can use this type of experiment with fixed parameters to insure consistency among repetitive tests.

Explain scripts are programs written in the Explain experimental control language. They are stored on the disk as ASCII text files. Their file names have an .EXP filename extension.

The object of this tutorial is to give you familiarity with the techniques used when modifying scripts, rather than to teach you the Explain language. The Explain language is discussed in the Explain help files.

If you have a question about changing a script give us a call. We will be happy to give you assistance in making simple changes.