The Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy software is a complex system for the acquisition and analysis of EIS data. This does not mean that operation of the system is difficult to learn. In these tutorials, we will demonstrate standard operation of the EIS System. Please run through the tutorials IN ORDER because results from earlier tutorials are used in subsequent exercises.

  1. Recording an EIS Spectrum on the supplied dummy cell using a standard technique.
  2. Changing parameter sets for standard techniques.
  3. Standard data-analysis and plotting.
  4. Simple changes to an Explain™ script.
  5. Examining ASCII Data and Results files.
  6. Modifying an Equivalent-Circuit Model

We strongly recommend that you run through the exercises. Practice is always the best way to get comfortable with a new program.

When you have finished performing the tutorial exercises, you should know how to make the EIS system perform any standard operation.

NOTE: What these tutorials do not do is: