Select a Region

Change the select region of the curve to exclude the data above 3 kHz.

To operate this tool, left-click in the main chart body, near the first point bounding the region you wish to select. Then left-click again, near the second point bounding the region you wish to select. After you make these two selections, the region is highlighted.

This tool snaps to the closest point for the data plotted on the y-axis. In this case it snaps to the Modulus of the impedance, which is usually fine. If you wish to select using the phase, you would have to swap the y and y2 data using the Curve Selector, making the Phase on the y-axis and Modulus on the y2-axis.

NOTE: The Gamry Echem Analyst™, unlike the Framework™ program itself, is really designed to be used with a mouse. Some analysis operations are not possible without a mouse.

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