Purpose: Extract a single data item from a PWR object.

The data item is taken from the ith data point and the jth data column. If no data have been taken, the returned value is NIL. A new DATACOL object is automatically created by the call to Pwr.DataCol(). It is usually transient, existing only for one function call.


Data Value = Pwr.DataValue(PointNum,ColNumber)



The returned value.
  NIL No data acquired yet.
PointNum INDEX Point number, zero-based. If PointNum is out of range, a value from the last or acquired point is returned.
  NIL Always return a value from the last acquired point.
ColNumber INDEX

A code identifying the column to be used. Use the following predefined constants:

PWR_T = Time

PWR_Vf = Applied Voltage

PWR_Vu = Uncompensated Voltage

PWR_Im = Measured Current

PWR_Pwr = Measured Power

PWR_R = Measured Resistance

PWR_Temp = Measured Temperature

PWR_IERange = IE Range used during measurement

PWR_Ach = Measured Voltage Aux Channel

PWR_Sig = Signal sent to Control Amp

PWR_Over = Overload column

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