Potentiostat Calibration

Calibration performs a number of tests on the instrument and its cell cable in order to give the best accuracy and stability.  A dummy cell with known component values is necessary to evaluate the performance, as well as a faraday cage in order to eliminate environmental EM noise from affecting the calibration.  Follow these steps to fully calibrate your potentiostat:

1. Connect to the Calibration side of the Gamry UDC4


The Gamry UDC4 Calibration Circuit


2.  Place the circuit into the Gamry Calibration Shield (or any Faraday Cage).  

Be sure to clip the black ground lead(s) onto the grounding post.  If you are using a Faraday Cage be sure to connect the black lead(s) to the cage.


black lead to the faraday cage

Place the circuit into the Gamry Calibration Shield.



3. Open the Gamry Framework software, select Experiment > Utilities > Calibrate Instrument.

amry Framework software



4. Select the Instrument to calibrate, and select "Both" for Calibration Type.

Select the Instrument to calibrate



Did your potentiostat pass calibration?


No, I see calibration warnings.



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