Software v6

Version 6.32 Download

Free software upgrades are available only to qualified product owners.
To qualify, you must own:

  • Version 4.00 or greater of the software package you wish to upgrade
  • Gamry Instruments potentiostat (PCI4, Series-G, Reference family, Interface family or MultEchem)
  • Valid Authorization Code for the package(s) and Instrument(s) in your possession.

For more information, or if you encounter problems with this form, please contact our sales staff at (215) 682-9330, Monday-Friday, 9AM - 5PM EST.

Windows 8.1
Instrument drivers for Interface 1000, Reference 600/3000, Series G 300/750, PCI4 300/750 FAS2 in Windows 8.1 are supported in Gamry Software Version 6.12 and up.

eQCM 10M is supported on Windows 8.1 in Gamry Software Version 6.20 and up.