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Stuck At Autoranging – PCI4/Series G

The symptom is that at the start of the experiment no data acquisition begins and the runner window displays “Autoranging” in the lower left hand corner. This applies only to PCI potentiostats installed inside a desktop computer. Verify that the 4-pin power cables are connected to the control board and potentiostat board inside the computer. The instrument will still be properly recognized by the computer without the power cables connected but no signal generation or data acquisition can occur without the power.

Power to the Potentiostat

Look for the following power connections between your computer's power supply at the instrument boards:


PCI4 power receptical

The PCI4 power receptical on the controller board only. Accepts a 4-pin molex connector.



Series G power receptical

The Series G power receptical. There are two power receptical on the Series G (one on each board). Accepts a 4-pin Floppy Disk power connector.

Communication between Controller Board and Potentiostat Board

The two boards are connected by a short 26-pin ribbon cable.  Make sure that this cable is properly connected.