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Installation of a MultEchem System

MultEchem systems allow multiple instruments to share a single software license on a single computer.  The system utilizes a USB dongle to activate the software license across all instruments.  For all Framework versions before 5.63 one must select “MultEchem” from the Select Features page of the installation program to install the driver for the USB dongle.  This driver is installed automatically in current versions.


After Installing Gamry Software

After installation, reboot your computer and plug in the MultEchem USB dongle after Windows has fully loaded.  Windows 7 will automatically detect the driver and pop up with the Device Settings window shortly after the dongle is inserted:


Enter Dongle authorization codes

Enter Dongle authorization codes

In Windows XP a Found New Hardware dialog box will appear first.  If it is asking to connect to the internet to look for software select “No, not at this time”.  Then select “Install software automatically”.  


Install software automatically

Choose 'Install software automatically'

For multiple instrument installation the user will go through this device recognition and install process for all instruments, entering authorization codes for each instrument along the way.  In a MultEchem system it is only necessary to enter the authorization codes supplied for the dongle, and the Authorization Code entry boxes for each instrument can be left blank.  You can confirm that your dongle is working properly by running any standard experiment beyond the open circuit potential stage.