Performance and stability in {H2S} of SrFe0.75Mo0.25O3-? as electrode in proton ceramic fuel cells

By Wachowski, S.; Li, Z.; Polfus, J. M.; Norby, T.
Published in Journal of the European Ceramic Society 2018


The H2S-tolerance of SrFe0.75Mo0.25O3-? (SFM) electrodes has been investigated in symmetric proton ceramic fuel cells (PCFC) with BaZr0.8Ce0.1Y0.1O3-? (BZCY81) electrolyte. The ionic conductivity of the electrolyte under wet reducing conditions was found to be insignificantly affected in the presence of up to 5000 ppm H2S. The fuel cell exhibited an {OCV} of about 0.9 V at 700

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