Validation of defect association energy on modulating oxygen ionic conductivity in low temperature solid oxide fuel cell

By Pandiyan, Arunkumar; Uthayakumar, Aarthi; Lim, Chaesung; Ganesan, Vinothkumar; Yu, Wonjong; Das, Amit; Lee, Sanghoon; Tsampas, Mihalis N.; Omar, Shobit; Han, Jeong Woo; Moorthy, Suresh Babu Krishna; Cha, Suk-Won
Published in Journal of Power Sources Journal of Power Sources 2020


The defect association modifies the energy barrier for oxygen ion hopping between the vacancies, which is sensitive to the dopant ionic size in the CeO2-?. Here, the work focuses on the co-dopant strategy of M0.1Sm0.1Ce0.8O2-? (M = Yb, Gd, Sm, Nd, La) to study the defect association energy, and its subsequent effect on ionic conduction and power density. The electrolyte material with different co-dopants modifies the lattice parameter and bond length of cation

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