Echem Newsletter - Summer 2017

Posted by gamry on August 24, 2017


eChem newsletter
Gamry Summer 2017 eChem Newsletter
The Gamry Difference
Gamry Interface 1000E PotentiostatWhen you purchase an instrument built by Gamry Instruments you receive the finest electronics available in the field of electrochemistry. 
This article tells you about "the Gamry difference," that is, what makes a Gamry Interface™ 1010 series potentiostat a Gamry.
The Gamry Potentiostat Difference
New Application Note
High-current Pulses for Battery Research

Battery Research with Reference 3000 Potentiostat/30k Booster
reference 3000 Potentiostat with a 30k booster
For those interested in determining the characteristics of batteries, especially by discharging them to see their changes in impedance, Gamry Instruments offers the Reference™ 3000 potentiostat plus our 30k Booster. This combination of instruments is useful for running stress tests on batteries, by applying rapid, high-current pulses singly or repeatedly.
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Gamry Instruments Technical Tips
Gamry Tech Tips  
The Value of Stack Mode Measurements
Some researchers want to be able to apply or measure voltages larger than 12 V. One example of the need for larger potentials is battery testing, while another might be CV inside small microfluidic channels. Perhaps you want to perform certain types of electrodeposition experiments.  In these instances you may need to look a little harder for a potentiostat that can operate at these higher voltages.