Version 6

Gamry is pleased to announce the release of Framework Version 6. Version 6 coincides with the shipping of the Interface 1000. This new version has some significant upgrades that we want to tell you about.

Electrochemical Impedance Autofit – Finding initial parameters in a circuit model is a daunting task in any impedance fitting attempt. If the parameters are too far from the result, the fit will not work. Previous attempts have focused on relying on the researcher’s best guess or trying all of the possible values for every parameter. Echem Analyst’s Autofit takes the model and the data both as input. Looking at parts of the data and parts of the model, Echem Analyst finds the best set of initial estimates. Once the initial estimates are calculated, a fit is done based on that set and the results are reported. This video shows an example of impedance fitting for PEM fuel cell analyzed using the FC350 Fuel Cell Impedance Monitor.

Instrument Manager

The Instrument Manager is a feature that was added to make it easier to update instrument firmware and enter authorization codes. Open the Instrument Manager by clicking Options -> Instrument Manager as shown in the image below. Additionally, you can add or update an instrument while an experiment on another instrument is running. 

This brings up the Instrument Manager dialog box. All devices that have ever been connected to the computer will appear. Here you can see that there is a Series G 300 is currently connected and that a Reference 600 has been previously connected but is not connected at the moment. 

Clicking on the Device Settings button brings up a dialog that allows you to change the label on your instrument and also to enter authorization codes. Once you have labeled your instrument and entered your authorization codes click OK. Wait until the instrument reinitializes and click OK to close the Instrument Manager.

If you are using a Reference or Interface family instrument the Firmware Update button will become active and allow you to update both instrument and communications firmware. The Up and Down buttons allow you to change the order in which your instruments appear in Framework. Finally, the Delete button is used to permanently remove an instrument from the Instrument Manager.

Data capture upon instrument disconnect or aborted experiment – Framework also includes an feature to capture data in the event an instrument is disconnected during an experiment such as during a power outage. If your computer has a battery or is connected to a battery backup, Framework will recognize that an instrument has been disconnected and save the data acquired to that point. Loading the data file in Echem Analyst will give a notification that the data were acquired during an aborted run. Pressing the Abort button during an experiment will also result in Framework saving the data to that point. This feature is especially useful during long potentiostatic, galvanostatic and charge/discharge experiments. 

The Reference family instrument firmware must be updated for this release of the Software. The latest version of the firmware is located in the Firmware directory on the release CD, as well as under the C:\\Program Files\\Gamry Instruments\\Firmware directory after software installation.

If you are upgrading, please reinstall all of your purchased software packages, otherwise your pre-existing software packages will fail. All previous versions of Gamry Software will be removed during installation.

Please backup all of your important data prior to upgrading.