Software Updates

For your convenience, we have created aClient Portal for registering your Gamry instrument(s). This new feature will enable you to:

  • Keep track of all of your Gamry Instruments
  • See at a glance what software you are running
  • See the warranty information available on your instruments
If you are a licensed Gamry user, please create an account and register your instrument(s) so you can upgrade to the latest revision of Gamry software.
Your software can be downloaded once your instrument has been registered.

You should always use the latest version of our software so that you have access to the most features and any recent improvements.

Gamry Software CDs are available. Contact support for more information.

If you encounter any difficulties, please contact our technical support at or call 215-682-9330 and we can assist you with this procedure.

Reference 600+

Instructions for installing a Standard Cable on the Reference 600+

Version 6.33 Download

Improved Reference Family Calibration

Instruments Supported: Interface 1000, Reference 600/3000, Series G 300/750 PCI4 300/750 FAS2
System Requirements: Windows XP SP3/Vista/7/8/8.1/10 (32-bit and 64-bit)
Computer Requirements: Anything that can run Windows comfortably is more than powerful enough for our software

Firmware Revision Numbers


CPU Firmware COMM Firmware PLD Firmware
Reference 600 3.50 2.24 N/A
Reference 3000 3.50 2.24 N/A
Interface 1000 3.28 2.31 Rev D and previous 1.09
Interface 1000 3.28 3.02 Rev G and newer 1.09

Windows 7 Starter Edition

VFP600, ESA410 and Resonator software are not supported in Windows 7 Starter Edition. 
These programs are compiled LabView programs and National Instruments does not support Windows 7 Starter Edition.

Legacy Software: For PC4 and PC3 users

Version 4 Download: Last Revision is 4.35

Echem Analyst

Instruments Supported: PCI4 300/750, PC4 300/750 FAS1
System Requirements: Windows 98SE/XP (32-bit only), Windows 2000

Interface and Reference Family Users

Your instrument and software require matching firmware. The correct firmware binary file is included in your download. Click here for instructions on updating your instrument firmware