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Capacitors as energy storage devices don’t really work.  As power capture/delivery devices, however, they are excellent.  Especially if the capacitors are supercaps, which can store enough charge that their very high power capture and delivery capabilities can become functional in modern electronic devices (when paired with an appropriate energy storage/conversion device).


Supercap Research


Ease of use for both acquisition and analysis are important to the supercap researcher. Gamry's powerful, yet intuitive systems make acquiring and analyzing data easy while Sequence Wizard makes it easy to string together experiments.  Our standard cyclic charge/discharge makes it easy to add EIS after a charge or discharge.  The OptiEIS multisine technique lets you reduce the acquistion time for an EIS experiment.  

The AutofitTM routine takes the guesswork out of analyzing EIS data.  You no longer need to make initial guesses as to your component values to perform a fit to your data.  You can also easily export data for workup in another program or you can easily create plots for papers or presentations.

Recommended setups

The Interface 1000E is ideal for materials and smaller single cell development.  The Interface 5000 or the Reference 3000 can be used for larger cells depending on current needs.  For stacks, the Reference 3000 AE can measure up to eight cells simultaneously.  The Reference 3000 and Reference 3000AE can be interface to the Reference 30K Booster for even higher current applications.  

Researchers studying materials development would benefit greatly from the addition of an eQCM 10M for investigating solvent and ion transfer.