Overview of Utilities

The Utilities menu includes a number of general-purpose routines that perform the following functions:

Potentiostat Calibration to correct for drifts in instrument circuits.

Menu selections are:

Calibrate Instrument

DC Low I Calibration

Aux Electrometer Calibration

Run simple experiments such as setting a potential or a current, or measuring open-circuit voltage.

Menu selections are:

Open Circuit Potential

Set a Voltage

Set a Current

Multiplexer setup and testing.

Menu selection is:

Multiplexer Configuration and Test

Set the compliance voltage and compliance voltage limits of a Referenceā„¢ 3000 potentiostat.

Menu selection is:

Compliance Voltage

Measure uncompensated resistance in an electrochemical cell. This value can be used in positive-feedback iR-compensation.

Menu selection is:

Get Ru

Measure the impedance of a reference electrode.

Menu selection is:

Measure Reference Electrode Impedance