Multiplexer Configure and Test

Multiplexer Configure and Test is available in version 7.06 (and later) of Gamry Instruments’ software suite. It encapsulates several older ECM8 utility functions into one utility that includes on-screen instructions for its use. ECM8 setup no longer forces you to run scripts with non-obvious names and no instructions or Help.

The functions in this Multiplexer Configure and Test utility include:

ECM8 Setup Change the settings on an installed and configured ECM8 multiplexer. This is most commonly used to make one ECM8 cell active. Once a cell is active, you can run non-multiplexed tests on that cell.
COM Detect

Find the COM port used by an ECM8 multiplexer in a Gamry Instruments system. This function only works in a system with only one ECM8.

In modern computer systems, COM ports are usually made available by means of a USB-to-COM-port cable or adapter. Microsoft Windows® assigns an arbitrary COM port number that changes when the USB cable is moved.

This utility searches all available COM ports looking for an ECM8. When one is found, the ECM8 blinks its front-panel LEDs as a signal to the user.

Change COM Change the COM port assigned to an ECM8. This function is needed in systems with more than one ECM8.
ECM8 Test Flash the LEDs on an ECM8. This is used to confirm connectivity and to identify a specific ECM8 in a system that contains more than one.

Run Multiplexer Configure and Test by selecting Experiment > Utilities > Multiplexer Configure and Test on the Framework menu bar. Follow the instructions in the resulting window.