Purpose: Set up threshold conditions which must be met before ChronoP.StopAt() tests are performed.

When any of the threshold tests is met, the StopAt criteria are evaluated for the rest of the scan. There are six threshold tests that you can perform:

1. IMin

I < I_MinThresh

2. IMax

I > I_MaxThresh

3. EMin

E < E_MinThresh

4. EMax

E > E_MaxThresh

5. Tmin

T < T_MinThresh

6. Tmax

T > T_MinThresh

Threshold tests allow you to tune the StopAt tests more carefully. For example, you can avoid a premature experiment termination caused by an initial transient.

In general you only enable one of the threshold tests. The others are turned off by a NIL argument in the function call.

Note: Any threshold test starts all StopAt tests. Also, when StopAt testing is enabled, it is never disabled, even if the Threshold test that enabled it is no longer valid.


Rcv.Thresh(IMin, IMax, EMin, EMax, TMin, TMax)

Enable StopAt if I < IMin

NIL Disable this test.
Imax REAL Enable StopAt if I > IMax
NIL Disable this test.
EMin REAL Enable StopAt if E < EMin
NIL Disable this test.
EMax REAL Enable StopAt if E > EMax
NIL Disable this test.
TMin REAL Enable StopAt if T < TMin
NIL Disable this test.
TMax REAL Enable StopAt if T > TMax
NIL Disable this test.

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