Purpose: The IDSTEP class describes a three-part current-step waveform which can be applied by a potentiostat while in the Galvanostat mode.

The Idstep object encapsulates information about the initial, step 1, and final currents, the elapsed times at each current, and the data-acquisition rate. Most of the activity associated with the Idstep happens in the background while a ChronoP.Run() executes.

The current range used for the IDSTEP signal generator is selected from the larger absolute current in the waveform. The current range is fixed throughout the scan. The program does the best it can to reach the lower current using the current range in use. Generally the smaller current is only imprecise if it differs from the first by several orders of magnitude.

If the Skip button is "pressed" during the initial or second phase of the run, the Idstep signal generator advances to the next phase. If the Skip button is pressed during the final phase, the Curve.Run() ends prematurely.