Spectroelectrochemical File Format

Gamry’s spectroscopy scripts are—with one exception—a combination of standard electrochemical and spectroscopic experiments that run simultaneously. These experiments create two separate output files. One file only contains the data for the electrochemical experiment; the other one contains all data from the spectrometer.

The former file format is similar to the standard electrochemical measurements without spectroscopy. However, there are two changes in the data file. As mentioned before, the tag specific for an experiment is written in the second line of a data file. For spectro-electrochemical experiments, the names for this tag are as follows:

Experiment Tag
Spectro Chronoamperometry SPECTROCHRONOA
Spectro Chronocoulometry SPECTROCHRONOC
Spectro Cyclic Voltammetry


Spectro Linear Sweep Voltammetry


In addition, a further line is included which refers and links to the spectroscopy data. The object is of type LABEL with the tag SPECTRONAME. The name of the spectroscopy file follows which consists of the prefix SpectraFor_ followed by the file name of the spectro electrochemical experiment. This line looks like following example:

SPECTRONAME<tab>LABEL<tab>SpectraFor_OutputFileName.DTA<tab>File Name for Spectra

This line enables that by opening a spectro electrochemical file in Gamry’s Echem Analyst™ the corresponding spectroscopy data are added in an extra tab.

NOTE: When changing the file name of the spectroscopy file, be sure to change this name also in the spectro electrochemical data file at tag SPECTRONAME. Do this by opening the files in a simple text editor. Otherwise, the Echem Analyst will not add the spectroscopy data when opening a spectro electrochemical file.