Spectro Cyclic Voltammetry Pages

The standard spectro cyclic voltammetry analysis contains the following pages at startup:

Chart The main plot of the cyclic voltammetry measurement. It contains the data with current I plotted versus potential E. Common analyses performed on this graph include background subtraction, peak find, integration, and normalize by scan rate or square root of scan rate.
Experimental Setup A list of the parameters used to acquire the data presented on the Chart page.
Experimental Notes The notes you enter prior to the data acquisition. The notes can be edited in the analysis, and saved with the changes to an analysis data file.
Hardware Settings All of the potentiostat settings used during the run of the experiment.

Depending on the spectroscopy type, this tab is called Spectroscopy_Absorbance, Spectroscopy_Transmission, or Spectroscopy_Raw.

The spectra measured during the experiment. Data show either absorbance A, transmittance T, or raw counts plotted versus wavelength λ. Typical commands include Peak Find, Clear Peaks, and Add Wavelength Slices.

Additional Pages Which May Become Visible

Integration A grid of integrated regions which where defined using the Integrate command.
Quick Integration A grid of integration values based on different sections in visible traces based on the most recent use of the Quick Integrate command.
Min/Max A grid of minimum and maximum values of each visible trace based on the most recent use of the Min/Max command.

Wavelength Slices

A graph showing up to four plots of spectroscopic data (absorbance, transmittance, or raw counts) versus time t at the selected wavelengths. Using the command Add Wavelength Slices again adds another set of plots to the graph.

Spectro Peak Locations

A grid of peak locations and magnitudes. Using the command Peak Find again adds new lines of peak data.