Subtract Constant Background

The Subtract Constant Background command lets you correct the accumulated charge in a Controlled Potential Coulometry experiment for a constant background current. If you wish to subtract a constant current from other experiments, such as Cyclic Voltammetry, use the Common Tools>Add I Constantfunction.


  1. Make a trace for the original data file the Active Trace. Do this by right-clicking on the trace and clicking Activate Trace. For this command, the Active trace is used to determine the active data file. Normally there is only one data file. However, if files have been overlaid, you must specify a trace for this command. If no trace were specified, the system would not know from which trace to subtract the background.
  2. Select the Subtract Constant Background option from the Coulometry menu. Enter the current to be subtracted.
  3. After the subtraction is performed, a modified trace is added, or changed if one already exists, to reflect the data which has had a background subtracted from it. The net Charge versus Time and log (i) versus Time traces for the subtracted data are shown. The [BKS] identifier is added to the Legend text for traces which had a background subtracted.