Overview of Chronocoulometry Analysis

The Chronocoulometry analysis script allows you to open a Chronocoulometry data file by selecting the data file from the File Open window. The data file opens, and a series of tabbed pages are created in a new window. These tabs contain a graph of the data, experimental setup information, experimental notes, and hardware settings.

The standard Chronocoulometry analysis script shows a plot of charge (Q) vs. time (t) on the first page. Analyses performed on this graph include background subtraction and Min/Max finds. The second page displays a plot of charge (Q) vs. tau-1/2 (τ–1/2) , which can be used to evaluate the parameters of the Cottrell equation using the Calculate Integrated Cottrell Equation command. A significant deviation from zero for the intercept of Q vs. τ–1/2 plots is an indication of adsorbed material at the electrode.

Descriptions of the analysis commands in the Chronocoulometry menu can be found in the Commands section of the PHE Data Analysis Help.