How to use Framework™ Help

There are two ways to search for a topic in Framework Help: The Index, and the search engine.

...and choose the Index or Search Engine from a column of labeled tabs:


The Index, on the left side of the Framework Help window, is a listing of all sorts of keywords you might consider, in alphanumeric order.

As you enter a keyword into the Index area, Help automatically filters the list to include alphanumeric strings that match your input.

After you enter a sufficient series of characters, click on the index entry to see that page in the Help file.

Search Engine

Enter a search term and click the magnifying-glass icon . The Help system searches for that term (or similar terms) throughout the Help files, and displays them in a ranked fashion, similar to Internet search engines.

NOTE: Careful use of quotes around your search term (as with Internet search engines) may refine your search better. If you want to search for an Explain™ function, which uses parentheses, you MUST surround the search term with quotes. For example, if you search for SetCell(), you will get no hits. If you search for "SetCell()", you will find the function in your search.