Window Menu Commands

The Window menu controls the display of Editor windows and Runner windows within the Framework window. Technically, Editor and Runner windows are known in Windows® terminology as "child" windows. The Framework™ itself runs in a "parent" window.

Framework child windows can be controlled via their window control menu. Gain access to this menu via a button at the upper-left corner of the window. You can minimize, maximize, and close an open window using the commands available on the window control menu.

There are two icons which symbolize minimized Framework windows. The icon for a minimized Editor window looks like a sheet of paper. The icon for a minimized Runner window looks like a chemist's beaker and an operational amplifier (a triangle).

You can resize the Framework window and move it around. The Framework child windows are always displayed within the parent window. Dialog boxes are an exception. They are a fixed size and can exceed the boundaries of the Framework window.

The Window menu selections are listed below: