Introduction to Gamry's Instrument Manager

Gamry Instrument Manager (GIM) is a program located within Framework™ that consolidates hardware-specific tools into one place. GIM allows you to organize your Gamry instruments, update the firmware, change instrument tiers, and calibrate the instruments.

NOTE: Close GIM before opening external Gamry programs (VFP600, ESA410, Resonator). GIM locks instruments when it is open (a blinking blue Power LED in the front of the instrument indicates "locked mode"). GIM must be closed in order to relinquish instrument control to other Gamry programs.

Below is an example of the Gamry Instrument Manager window, when a Reference 3000 is connected to your system.

GIM appears automatically when a new instrument is connected to the computer. You can start GIM anytime by opening Framework and selecting Options>Instrument Manager.

GIM is always in its own window, separate from the Framework window.