Purpose: To allow the user to specify specific data-acquisition parameters.

This instance function is available for all signals.

Usage: Signal.SetAcquisitionControl (AcqMode, AcqBasePeriod, SampleRate, DutyCycle)

  AcqMode INDEX

Type of acquisition mode:

0 = Fast Mode

1 = DSP Mode


Use the default AcqMode. This mode is set based on the output point sample period:

Below 100.0 µs the system uses Fast Mode.

At or above 100.0 µs, the system uses DSP Mode.

  AcquBasePeriod REAL The time between each sample point. This number should not be less than the default of 16.666 µs.

Use the default AcqBasePeriod.

For ACQ_MODE_FAST, this is not used.

For ACQ_MODE_DSP, the default is 16.666 µs.

  SampleRate REAL The output point rate, in seconds. Output points are the points displayed to the user and saved to the curve. They are made up of one or more sample points.
  NIL Use the default sample rate specified in the SIGNAL.New call.
  DutyCycle REAL A number between from 0.0 to 1.0 specifying the duty cycle that is used in sampling. 0.0 always gives one sample, while 1.0 samples as quickly as possible.

0 = One sample only (duty cycle of 0.0)

1 = Use the default duty cycle of 0.20

2 = Use a duty cycle of 1.0

  NIL Use the default duty cycle of 0.20

NOTE: For a PCI4 family potentiostat the parameters are ignored. Only the Fast Mode is available.

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