Purpose: Pstat.SetIchFilter() sets the two-pole Butterworth low-pass filter on the current-measuring channel.

This is a different filter than the I/E Filter described in the SetStability() section. It has no effect on potentiostat stability, only on the current-measuring circuit's frequency response.

If the parameter passed by SetIchFilter is a frequency in Hz, the potentiostat then selects the most appropriate filter setting able to pass information corresponding to this frequency.

NOTE: Do not use the No Filter setting (0) under normal circumstances. It is to be used exclusively for AC impedance measurements beyond 100 kHz.

Usage: FilterSet = Pstat.SetIchFilter(Freq)

    Freq REAL Frequency of interest in Hz

Filter to select:

0 = No Filter

1 = 200 kHz

2 = 1 kHz

3 = 5 Hz

  BOOL FALSE = Ground. No Pass Filter setting.
  FilterSet INDEX The new filter setting.

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