Purpose: Set the DC offset voltage in the current channel.

The actual offset circuitry may be implemented in the potentiostat or in the FRA. Not all hardware configurations have this feature. The actual DCoffset voltage is returned. If the AchOffsetEnable flag is set to FALSE, 0is returned. If the hardware doesn't support the DC offset, 0 is also returned.

Usage: Result = Pstat.SetAchOffset(Level)


  Level REAL

Offset voltage level. Both current and voltage channel offsets are specified in terms of voltage. Current values can be converted to voltages by multiplying by the potentiostat effective I/E resistance (See Pstat.IEResistor).

  Result REAL

The active (after any change) offset voltage. This value should be checked, because some configurations always return 0. If the AchOffsetEnable flag is set to FALSE, 0 is returned.

This is valid for PC5 instruments.

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