Purpose: Report the current ID of the cable connected to the potentiostat.

For potentiostats with a single cell cable, like the Reference 600 and Interface 1000, there is only one cable ID.

For a potentiostat like the Reference 3000 with multiple cell cables, the CableType needs to be specified in order to read the Power or Aux Electrometer cable IDs.

Usage: CableId = Pstat.CableId()

  CableType INDEX

Cable ID to read

  0 Sense cable
  1 Counter/Working cable
  2 Aux electrometer cable
  or use constants  
  CID_MAIN Main cell cable
  CID_PWR Power cable
  CID_AE Aux electrometer cable
  CableID INDEX ID of the cable attached
  15 No cable attached
  14 60 cm shielded
  13 1.5 m shielded
  12 3 m shielded
  11 10 m shielded
  10 1 m low-inductance
  9 1 m ECM8 interconnect
  8 Booster interconnect
  7 60 cm shielded with fuses in hood
  1 Reserved for custom cables
  0 Reserved

This is used on PC5 instruments.

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